Moodle Moot Information

About The Event

2nd - 4th October 2013 - SCEGGS Darlinghurst (Sydney)

This years theme: Pathways to Moodle success.

Welcome to Schools MoodleMoot 2013 ( SMM13). This event is proudly presented by Pukunui Technology and SCEGGS Darlinghurst. Moodle Conferences (often referred to as Moots) are held globally all year round. Their intent is to pull teachers, educational managers and system administrators together to share their knowledge and passion for all things Moodle.

The success of Moodlemoots is based on the opportunity for like minded educators to be able to network in an encouraging and relaxing environment  as well as participate in an outstanding conference program. We envision that the Schools MoodleMoot 2013 will excel in both areas. With this in mind we are limiting both presentation and registration slots so as to ensure both a high quality of speaker and a relaxed, un-cramped fun atmosphere.

Members of our Moot Committee have been involved in the organisation of both the Sydney MoodleMoot held 6 and 2 years ago as well as last years School Moodle Moot held in Brisbane at the Brisbane Girls Grammar School. 

Conference theme

This year's theme is "Pathways to Moodle Success". The aim of the theme is to highlight succesful methodologies used by eductors and administrators to implement Moodle in their school. We hope for this to cover both Staff and Student focused ideals that may include but not be limited to:

  • Staff PD programs
  • Peer review and mentorship
  • Use of Moodle to augment face-to-face learning
  • Use of Moodle as a distance education delivery tool
  • Methods of increasing student interest and participation using eLearning
  • Innovative tools and teaching practices

Conference Structure

The conference officialy runs for the two days of Thursday Oct 3rd and Friday Oct 4th. Across these two days will be a program of hands on workshops, presentations and Keynotes from Moodle users all over Australia.

Additional full day Moodle workshops

Wednesday 2nd Oct provides full day Moodle workshops at an additional rate for those wishing to attend, see Register Now. Information on the content Full Day Workshops