Moodle Moot Information

Full Day Workshops

Workshop Day Session Outlines Wed 2nd Oct

8.45am - 4.30pm

followed by Aperitifs and Canapes on the Roof Top Terrace 5.00pm - 6.30pm

1. Classroom to Coursespace-Getting started online

With so many tools to choose from when considering going online, it can be a bit overwhelming to work out where to start. From online learning environments (Moodle) to free content (Wikibooks, YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud) to social media sites (Twitter, Facebook), to collaborative spaces (Google Docs, Mozilla Popcorn)  there is a lot to look at!

This full day workshop is for those making a start using online learning spaces. Whether you’re augmenting the classroom activities, or providing optional online extras, this workshop will help you work out how to make the online space yours!

Using a flipped classroom style, this workshop addresses questions such as:

Why would I use an online learning space?

How can online learning work for me and my students?

What is working for other schools in the online learning space?

Using a purpose driven approach, we explore what tools are available, both online generally and Moodle specifically, to help you:

• Provide personalized learning support for your students
• Save time marking student work
• Facilitate opportunities for developing digital literacies and digital citizenship awareness
• Enjoy teaching and learning with your students and colleagues!

2. Moodle 2 Administration

Are you responsible for managing the running of a Moodle instance in your school? Are you not sure you know all you need to know to manage your site effectivly and keep it secure?

This full day workshop is aimed at people just like you. This session will cover the key components and policy ramifications to ensure that you have all the knowledge you need to get the most out of your Moodle site while ensuring it is still a safe and secure environment for your students.

Covered in this workshop will be:

  • Optimal settings for a new School Moodle site
  • Repositories
  • Portfolio’s
  • Security/Policy settings
  • Managing users in the site
  • Installing themes and plugins
  • Customising your Moodle to meet your needs

3. Moodle Masterclass

The Moodle MasterClass is a full day workshop targeted at Educators who are familiar with the basics of Moodle and are looking at innovative ways to use this Open Source tool to better engage their audience in both Blended or Pure Online learning environments.

If you are looking at taking your Moodle use to the next level and are looking for proven examples of effective use of the more advanced functionality that Moodle provides, then this session is for you!