Keynote Speakers

Steve Collis

SteveSteve joined NBCS in 2002 teaching English and French, and quickly attracted recognition in awards for ‘Excellence by a Teacher’ (National Quality Schools Awards) and ‘Microsoft Innovative Teacher of the Year’. He joined the NBCS leadership team soon after, promoting innovation school-wide, and delivering training programs and workshops at schools around Australia and beyond. 

Steve helps colleagues re-envision virtual and physical spaces to facilitate personalised learning and increased student engagement and agency. 
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KEYNOTE 2: Spaces for Learning


Steve's school: Northern Beaches Christian School has taken radical - deep structural - action to shift from a factory model to a village model of schooling, promoting communities-of-practice, learner agency, and collaboration at every level, from kindergarten kids to the school principal. Moodle has been a key part of of the journey.


Steve will contextualise Moodle as one of three layers of space for learning:  physical, virtual, and cultural. The three layers speak to each other, argue with each other, and sometimes even have internal arguments.


If this sounds a little abstract, fear not, video footage shall be provided illustrating the end result of 7 hard years of paradigm change: free-range learners on a 'learning landscape', opting in to great learning experiences. There is a third way that is neither factory nor anarchy - a sophisticated learning space that is continually recreated. As Winston Churchill said, "we shape spaces, and then spaces shape us."