Keynote Speakers

Richard Jones

Richard Jones (@richardnz) has ten years experience in promoting the
use of Moodle in a school environment.  Until recently he was Director
of eLearning at The Southport School in Queensland where he introducedRichard Jones
eLearning as a vehicle for pedagogical change. This included the roles
of Moodle & Mahara Administrator, staff training and strategic
planning for several projects including the transition to BYOD.

He was a Senior Examiner working with the International Baccalaureate
for many years and researched, designed, piloted and developed online
workshops for computer science teachers using Moodle.

Richard currently lives and works as a consultant in New Zealand.  He
is also the author of Managing the Moodle 2.5 School.


School Trek
Past; A short retrospective of the "journey" for school computing (I've been active since the early 90's and did research on classroom computing).
Present: I will give some summaries from a case study I'm working on of the TSS experience - describing Moodle/Mahara/BYOD and how it changed some things at that school and what the wider implications might be.
Future: I will briefly peer into the future to see where we might be going next.