Keynote Speakers

Vinny Stocker

Compulsive technology explorer Vinny Stocker (@vinnystocker) recently left his position as Assessment, Recording and Reporting Leader at Garden International School, to work for a Moodle partner, pioneering the use of Moodle in Malaysia and the surrounding region. He has piloted innovative ICT use in a wide range of educational context including Hampshire, Kent, Bangkok and Istanbul as well as developing a popular, internationally renowned Moodle based website. Vinny was previously a Chemistry specialist, subject leader and pastoral manager with 16 years of teaching experience.

His curiosity in using ICT to enhance his classroom practice started with setting up websites for his students to revise from in the early days of the internet, and exploded with the realization of the power of tools such as Moodle. Vinny began using Moodle in 2004 with the release of version 1.3 and has gone on to train in excess of 200 teachers how to use various versions of the software.

Vinny is also an author. Moodle 2.0 for Teaching Science is his first published work.

Presentation 4:

Integrating teaching & learning strategies that have a marked effect on pupil progress, with your Moodle courses. - What works and why we know it works.