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Title Steps to Succes - Best practice design and training for Moodle

What is the success criteria for learning through the use of a LMS such as Moodle?  What will it look like for students and staff to be achieving success in their learning experiences on Moodle?  This presentation will be relebant for any teacher who wants to set up an effective learning experience for their students and any teacher trainer who would like to improve the opportunities they facilitate for teachers to increase their own Moodle skills.

Best practice design and pedagogy will be the main focus in looking at how Moodle courses could be set up to create the optimium opportunities for success.  Aspects to be addressed include the design and development of instructional guides, the careful consideration of themes and templates, the interface and impact on cognitive load, as well as the facilitation  of collaboration.  The presentation will also explore and detail the professional development pathway of experiences that have led to this understanding of Moodle course design and training.

Content Type: Individual Presentation Knowledge Level: Intermediate Target Audience: Teacher

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