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Your Full Name Mark Smithers
iMoot Account Wendi Kirwan-Elliott
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Title Adding life to content in Moodle
The workshop will work through the creation of content that incorporates two common frameworks, Bootstrap and JQuery, to help add life and interactivity to web pages quickly and easily. Specifically we will look at how to create and use a responsive grid layout, how to add a tab container, an accordion display, tooltips and a slider display.
Target audience - 
Learning designers, teachers, administrators who, while not expert at coding, are confident in delving behind the scenes at learning content uploaded to Moodle to add interactive features. No prior coding experience is required although participants should have at least a conceptual understanding of the way that html is used to display web content.

Content Type: Hands On Workshop Knowledge Level: Intermediate Target Audience: Administrator
Participants will need a connected laptop in order to participate.

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