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Title Pick-a-path Moodle - hour long Instructional stream
In this hands-on session, participants are invited to take a course they are already familiar with, and plan out how it could be adapted to a Moodle context.  Lindy works through how to take what you've got and make it even better, using Moodle's variety of activities combined with completion conditions and restricted access.  Participants are encouraged to work in groups, brain storm ideas, and plan the next steps for online course development in their own context.  Whether you're an established online educator, or just dipping a toe in the water, this session will give you an opportunity to test out ideas in a safe environment, with a community of folks facing similar challenges to you!
Together we will:
* Identify a course that you're familiar with
* Brain storm ideas for engaging your students in that course with online activities
* Plan how to sequence the elements of the course online
* Draft an action plan for steps to take beyond Schoolmoot
Devices (phones, tablets, laptops) are welcome but not required!


Content Type: Hands On Workshop Knowledge Level: Novice Target Audience: Teacher

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