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Title TechTALINO 101: Frontloading for Inquiry Projects through Moodle

Who says that frontloading for inquiry learning can only happen through key content areas? TechTALINO 101 is precisely to get a small group of Filipino schoolchildren start early on to learn the basics of Moodle and apps for inquiry project presentations through a blended course design. The course initially ran during the summer break of 2012 for 4 weeks, fully online, then additional 3 weeks of face to face sessions as the school opened. This narrative delves into the 'learning presence' of Filipino bilingual learners from Grades 4-6 of the Builders' School, a small progressive school in the Philippines Learning presence is a recent element proposed by Shea and Bidjerano (2010)  for the Communities of Inquiry framework espoused by Anderson, et al (2000). The presentation examines the initial attempts of beginning elearners to navigate Moodle whilst learning apps for future inquiry project presentations with an online teacher who recently learned Moodle administrative skills from IT4ALL. Final inquiry learning projects of children shall be presented. Issues with regards to course delivery shall be discussed.  Course Improvements for the next run of TechTALINO 101 for 2013 are recommended to address learning needs in the areas of ICT skills, Filipino as a second language, and to explicitly stengthen the learning presence of these budding elearners.

Subtheme:  Use of Moodle to Augment F2F learning 

Content Type: Individual Presentation Knowledge Level: Novice Target Audience: Teacher

Fast internet :)  and perhaps further information regarding time limit for individual presentations will help. I may also need a bigger laptop since I can only carry with me my Toshiba netbook. LCD Projector and screen

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User: Juliet Aleta Villanueva 

University of the Philippines Open University/ The Builders' School
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