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Title Do not fear whitespace - elements of Moodle style

In this presentation I would like to look at the evolution of a course from simple resource list through to an engaging and attractive composition.  The example below comes from the cool course comp at the nz moot - - this was the entry of Nina Pollock and myself.

cool course

I will look at the design decisions that were made, for the above course these were:

Nina developed a nice, clean graphical interface with plenty of whitespace and added the simple but effective graphics.  We used the forum, quiz, page, book and glossary modules.

We included hidden elements such as a small achievement badge and cyber eggs - each one is designed to be harder to find than the previous ones.

The achievement "badge" - we didn't have time to design a nice graphic - only appears when a couple of things are accessed and both 1 post and 2 replies have been made in the forum.  This was a "Thanks for being an active member of our community" button. 

One of the eggs was hidden conditionally until one particular resource was accessed and another was in the glossary so would only appear when one of the random glossary entries was shown.

Due to shortage of time we linked these cyber eggs to existing material in the Book module.  With more time we would probably use pop-up "rewards" - links to other garden examples.

The forum was seeded with a number of topics to encourage audience participation.

The glossary and garden examples book are deliberately orphaned to reduce clutter.

The quiz was used a checklist for participants to determine their readiness.  With more time, the feedback responses to "wrong" or "not ready" responses would have included a link to the relevant resource or resources.  The "false" response to question 1 shows an example - the more information link throws up an existing resource in a pop-up.  The pop-up method was chosen as it would allow participants to continue the quiz after closing it.  

The quiz has no penalties, multiple tries, a fixed question order and immediate feedback.

With a little thought you could actually build the entire course out by starting with the quiz - you would be directed to resources as needed (non-linear navigation depending on your need).

This is not so much an abstract as a proposal and if you like the concept I will work it into a more logical form for presentation.  Something like "10 steps to a better you".



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